Monday, January 19, 2015

No "End" in Sight

The opening sentence, like the run-and-shoot offense popular in the NFL in the early ‘90s, lacks a tight end.

Our need needs were met on the second line. We didn’t need another need on the next line. Tight need came to a bad end. We were looking, of course, for tight end, a term for a football position. A tight end is a hybrid position; the player does some blocking and some receiving. One tight end may primarily block, while another may focus on catching passes. Every team has different needs. This sentence has different needs, too — and it shouldn’t. The writer, perhaps facing a tight deadline, put himself in an awkward position by awkwardly closing this football position, and now he’s never going to see the end of it.

Or will he?

Sit tight, readers. I have an idea.

We know that second need is not required. If we drop one of its e’s and flip-flop the n and remaining e, we’ll reach the end zone.


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