Monday, November 4, 2013

The Richardson Get Richardsoner

In 1962, the New York Mets had two Bob Millers on the roster. Both were pitchers — one lefty, one righty. In 2000, the Mets were at it again, with Bobby Jones and Bobby Jones on the pitching staff. One Jones was a lefty; the other was a righty. I’m guessing these same names created some “double trouble,” which leads me to today’s error…

A Daryl bio in Trent's section
To prep for his 2013 fantasy football draft and get an edge on his competition, my college buddy Garth Brooks purchased Fantasy Football CheatSheets, a magazine chock-full of stats, rankings, trends and so forth.

The fantasy magazine ranked Trent Richardson in the top 10 among running backs, which I considered a stretch, but it inarguably lost touch with reality during Richardson’s write-up. The bio is not about Trent; it’s about Daryl Richardson, a fellow 2012 rookie. Trent, a bruising back out of Alabama, was the No. 3 pick in the NFL draft. Daryl, who possesses more breakaway speed than Trent, attended Abilene Christian and was the second-to-last pick in the seven-round draft.

A different Daryl bio in Daryl's section
Oddly enough, the text about Daryl in Trent’s section isn’t repeated in Daryl’s section, where it should be located. Odder still, no text about Trent exists in Daryl’s section. (Still with me?) Daryl has a different write-up in his section — about Daryl. You’d think the magazine would accidentally publish Daryl’s text twice or publish Daryl’s text in Trent’s section and vice versa. Nope. Instead, Daryl gets treated like an All-Pro receiver and merits double coverage, while Trent is uncovered. Daryl has two different bios — one erroneously placed in Trent’s section — and Trent has none. If you’re keeping score, that’s Rams 2, Browns 0. Safety.

Trent? Daryl? T? D? TD? No chance. The touchdown has been overturned upon further review. I’d like to thank Garth for noticing the illegal substitution and for supplying today’s photos. Thanks, Garth! Wait, wait, wait! I’ve been referring all along to Garth Brooks. I meant Chris Brooks. You can understand my confusion. Thanks, Chris!

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