Monday, June 23, 2014

Back Talk

If Im mistaken about todays error, I preemptively apologize and ask that someone enlighten me.

Im not a fan of redundancies, as my regular readers know. If I see or hear 12 noon, mix together or revert back, for example, its akin to nails on a chalkboard. My back arches and my teeth grind. Its not a pretty sight.

That brings us to todays question, and its not Who killed Rosie Larsen? In this old TV Guide article about the AMC drama The Killing, is two back-to-back redundant? I think so.

In the article, back-to-back is used as an adjective that means coming one after the other (one). One and one equal an implicit two. Back-to-back is clear; adding a lead-in two is unnecessary. Yet I come across phrases such as “two back-to-back days and “two back-to-back games more frequently than I encountered red herrings during the first season of The Killing.

Am I wrong about this?

If so, Ill back down.

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