Monday, June 30, 2014

A Flesh Wound

Want to see a real misspelling? I’ve got one for you, in the Fleshtones.

When you discover a ruptured disc cover, you dis the cover. That is why I’m going on record about a letter left off the record.

The Fleshtones, a garage band with a name that harks back to the ‘50s and its proliferation of doo-wop groups, are in need of a “band” aid. It’s no secret that the band blew its cover when it included a rocky spelling on the front of Wheel of Talent, its 2014 album.

WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE: The second word on the
original cover was, like Harold and Kumar, stoned.

The second word isn’t showing enough skin.

It needs to be fleshed out. Adding one more letter will set the record straight. Etch an h in Flestones.

Cut the band some slack, though. An h can be tough to find. It is, after all, in the middle of nowhere.

FIXING A BROKEN RECORD: Fortunately, the cover
wasn't set in stone. Someone set an h in 'stones.

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