Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BET's Black Mark

Hello. Is it T you’re looking for?

I found it … in the oddest of places.

During Sunday’s live broadcast of the BET Awards, Lionel Richie received the Lifetime Achievement Award. When he accepted the award, his name flashed on screen as Lionel Ritchie and trended on Twitter all night long (all night).

The smooth singer known for his easy-listening ballads came into this world in 1949, and he was born Richie. (If you’re looking for a guy named Ritchie, may I suggest Madonna’s ex, Guy Ritchie?)

We’ve all misspelled words, but the impact is great when the word is a person’s name and is displayed in all caps during a key moment of an awards show seen by millions of people. The mistake, like Richie when he accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award, takes center stage.

If you wanted to do your best, BET, your best bet was Richie. Truly.

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